Italian-Romanian NGO

We are an NGO under Romanian law, established in Anina in the district of Caras-Severin,

which works to improve people's life prospects,

especially children, helping to intensify the educational offer.

But we also deal with the elderly.

In the following pages you can see who the Il Giocattolo Association is and what activities it carries out.

We are often asked, "Why are you helping children in Romania?”

We think that the future of children depends on us. Like everyone, we feel the moral responsibility to take care of their growth, their nutrition, their health and their culture. But if we think about it, it is our own future (if we want it better) that depends on them.

In fact, if we know how to invest our time and our money - with intelligence, dedication and love - we can prevent many situations of hardship and even delinquency, in order to contribute to a better social life for all. The right aspiration of each of us is happiness, which consists in the right degree of satisfaction of needs but there can be no true happiness if it is not for all members of civil society. Nowadays, civil society must be understood in a global way. Therefore, taking care of children, in every part of the world, also means taking care of our best future, reducing the risks of degradation of the society in which we want to be happy.

Our methods

  • Careful selection of recipients of humanitarian aid, aimed at reaching people in actual conditions of need.
  • Direct activity on the territory, without intermediaries.
  • Respect for people.
  • Creation of job opportunities for the local population (better to give work than money!) Thus also teaching a job.
  • Apply and transmit civilization rules (cleanliness, care of things, honesty, etc ...) in "difficult" environments, with attention to the consistency of our behavior.
  • Low overhead costs.

Just a small final thought: the "wretches of today" that so much trouble in the world (and with us), were children. Perhaps if someone had tried to correct them as children, making them grow up in a healthy and correct way, now we would have a few less criminals. It is just a thought that comes every time we help those wonderful people (religious and lay people) who, on site, every day, save someone. We have no doubt that, in reality, they are also serving us.


Gianluca Farina (president of the Asociatia Il Giocattolo)