Il Giocattolo Association


Il Giocattolo Association- Our history

’Il giocattolo’’ Association was founded in Romania in July 2010 but its projects on behalf of Romania had started already in March 1990.

Its core is a group of Italian friends(mostly from Parma-Milan) who used to organize humanitarian expeditions to help people in need, especially kids. They were named Gruppo ‘’Il Giocattolo’’.

After collaborating with orphanages, hospices and kindergarten (in different areas) the Group decided to support directly the families (a very tiring but rewarding task), by selecting the goods to trade and deliver to them. Everything started with analysing the situation of the family, in order to give them what they actually needed( suitable clothes,toys, household articles etc..). The preparatory works have always been possible thanks to the help of people who were available to sacrifice their time to clean,fix and select the goods.

Our slogan is ‘’poor people deserve respect’’; each of our aid kits read the name of the addressee and not a number(!). We even built a house for a large family in need.

This activity, which consisted in a truck going to and fro twice a year, continued until December 2008. All the expeditions are recorded in a DVD film (including the first ones in the 90s, that now have become an historical document).

After the expedition to Brădet in 2008 our friend Maria Grazia from Milan had a great idea. We had to change our methods and start a more ambitious but more practical project, trying to share our knowledges and experiences in order to help people develop their own personal skills and change their lives.

The Bradet's intervention started and many others came.

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