Changing your life

Our friend Michele Coletto (coordinator of Associatia for a long time) created an agency to help people who want to move and live abroad once he went back to Italy. Among these countries there is Romania ,
Michele’s greatest love.

His agency is called REFRAMED and and its goal is to give people new life prospectives, by supporting them step by step, starting with choosing where to live. The result of this process is a new person,a new couple, a
new family which has been ‘’ reframed’’ in a new context of life.

This is how the idea came to us and we decided to become a smart alternative for people who wanted to help the others, especially kids and teenagers. Let’s just think of how many retirees there are, who are still
full of energies and could share their knowledges with younger people; how many experts in social activity who could help educating our kids; how many teachers needed in our school/kindergarten in Bradet. What
you need is just ‘’missionary spirit’’.
Romanian is not difficult to learn for people who already have latin basis.

We are glad to help people who, just like us, want to try and change their
lives, giving them a different goal.

All the logistics aspects are very easy to handle because our presence is ingrained in this area. Our pleasure would double if people moving to Romania would also like to help with our social activities.

In Romania life is good and cheap. You’ll live surrounded by polite and kind people, in a natural environment quite flawless( the air is pure because of the almost total absence of pollution).
The income of people who are subscribed to AIRE (Registry Office for Italian living abroad) is 16% taxed (sometimes even less but it depends on the circumstances).

Our zone has plenty of tourist attractions that will turn your ‘mission’’ into a pleasure, as you can see in these pictures and in our page about solidarity tourism