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Visitors’ diary

<< Holiday on the Black Sea, Costance, with 12 boys and girls from the Association Here I am, in Resita, on the 16th, about to travel to Costanza on a night train, with a comfortable seat reserved for me by the Association. Multumesc Gianluca e Florentina, multumesc. Twelve boys and girls take part in this adventure. Twelve little Indians? No, more like twelve little Frodos, little men and women on their path, each one of them with their own ring. With two amazing Gandalf, Costantin and Christian. Gandalf, “the one who walks with the elves”. Men who got to know Good and Bad, and turned everything into Good, men who experienced pain but decided to turn that pain in joy for others. There they are, being my bodyguards and defending the little Frodos with all they have, creating a chain of love and care that leaves me speechless. They call them “capii” (children), but the only childish thing they have is their beautiful laughter and the playfulness. The holiday is made easy by the sea and by the ability to adapt. There are no problems with the language: glances and eyes are enough. The children are polite and sensitive, attentive to the adults’ moods, sometimes playfully sneaky like life thought them to be. Some of them grew up too fast, some of them are childishly and adorably needy. I see some first-loves grow, holdings hands and resting heads on others’ shoulders. The 14 and 15 year olds are protective towards the younger ones. The 23rd arrives very fast. I get on the train that brings me to Bucharest after hugging everybody. I don’t cry in front of them, I keep my tears for the train. The 12 little Frodos, these extraordinary kids protecting their rings of kindness and knowledge, will always be in my heart. Constantin, Cristian, Alexandra, Multumesc!>>

Donatella (agosto 2019)

Bradet is in Europe but, if you stretch your ear, he already speaks to us in the language of Asia. Its muddy streets, the low houses stretching out towards the horizon, the tree line standing out against the dark grey sky and the clouds that seem to run fast towards the East, everything has the taste of simplicity. Life is reduced to the essential: everything takes us away from the oppression of consumption of the so-called civilized world. Spontaneously, reflection arises on the meaning of life and death, and on how much Western well-being places its fragile clay legs on the discomfort and difficulties that stretch eastwards from here. An apparently hostile but uncontaminated and extraordinary nature frames this picture of contradictions. And, together, one cannot help but immerse oneself in a warm humanity that peeps out behind every wall: as soon as one scratches the surface a little, one can meet extraordinary and memorable people. Among them, a special place (if only in my heart) is occupied by all those who work for the Associazione Il Giocattolo, whose work here is titanic, difficult and immeasurably human. Thank you. Translated with (free version)

Davide L. (ottobre 2018)