Contacts and Data – Donations

Asociația Il Giocattolo

  • Registered office: 325100 Anina – Brădet, BL 14, Ap. 9 – Jud. Caraş-Severin (România)

  • Înscrisă în registrul Asociaţilor Judecatoriei Oraviţa cu nr. 3 în data 28/7/2010

  • CIF: 27205091


    BCR Banca Comerciala Romana – Romania
    Account Lei IBAN RO 69 RNCB 0100 1503 09590001
    (you can also transfer euros, which will be  automatically converted)
    Reason: donation or fee 
    Other data that might be required for the bank transfer:
    Asociatia Il Giocattolo – Sede: 325100 Anina – Bradet, BL 14, ap. 9 – Jud. Caras-Severin (Romania) CIF: 27205091
    The payment is not deductible for tax in Italy, because it’s for a foreign association.

    If you are interested in the Italian tax deduction, you can use the following details:
    GER Onlus Association
    Ethics Bank IBAN EN 20 N 05018 02400 000011762648 
    Reason: donation for Romania
    Other data that might be required for the banck transfer:
    Associazione GER Onlus – via P.L. da Palestrina n. 6 43121 Parma
    C.F. 92127960349 –
    It is an association close to us to which we give 10%, but it’s Italian, so your payment can be deductible for tax. They have a simple structure (no costs) too, and take care of children as well.
    The Onlus will issue a receipt that can be used for the tax deduction. Therefore, we need the donor details (name or company name, residence, tax code).

    The donation through GER Onlus gives you a considerable fiscal advantage in Italy:  rules

    In any case, once you make the bank transfer, it would be better to send us payment confirmation (, so that we can monitor the credit.

Thank you on behalf of the Romanian children.

It is necessary to point out that all fees and offers are used exclusively for social activities, as all members personally bear the transportation, food and accommodation costs.