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Mother Virginia House


                                          It's an honor to work with them!

The Mama Virginia house is run by Father Ovidiu Cosmuţa, parish priest of the Greek-Catholic Church of Oraviţa, assisted by Father Cristian Chisvasi and the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida, who - along with the civil staff - also collaborate in taking care of the guests of adjacent House for the elderly, directed by the same tireless Father Ovidiu.

These are the contacts of  Mother Virginia House:
Str. Valea Aurului n.1/b - Oravița (Caras Severin) 
tel: +40 763 305 637   -   +40 721 877 136


Account Lei RO47BRDE110SV15715361100 Banca BRD (Banca Romana de Dezvoltare S.A.) of Oravita
(You can also pay with euros, which will be automatically converted).

  • Dedication

    The house is dedicated to the loving memory of Mother Virginia, the deceased mother of the person who proposed and supported this project.
    A great example of a mother who raised her four children with love and dedication, together with her loved husband, and gave them a spiritual education.
    This work is an indirect result of the seed that Mamma Virginia has laid in the world.